Drafting the Winter Star, continued

The next step in the Winter Star Drafting is to add 1/4″ seam allowances to each shape that has been identified with color. This where we get cutting dimensions.WSdraft12

On vertical and horizontal edges, the graph paper lines can be used to locate the 1/4″ seam allowance. The smallest squares here are 1/8″, so two squares out from the edge of the colored shape will be 1/4″.


When adding the seam allowance to a diagonal edge, there is no line on the graph paper to guide you, so you’ll need to use the drawing ruler. Lay the ruler on the shape with the 1/4″ line of the ruler on the diagonal line to measure the seam allowance. Draw the seam allowance lines all the way out to the points. You’ll need the whole shape for measuring for cutting.

NOTE: The goal here is to add exactly the same 1/4″ all the way around each piece. You don’t want some “fat” quarter inches and some “skinny.” Be consistent. On some rulers this means using the same side of the ruler for all the seam allowances, because the two sides of the ruler may measure differently.

NOTE 2: Pencil lines have width, and sometimes the 1/4″ line on the ruler needs to be set ever-so-slightly on the inside of the inner line in order to have the pencil line fall in the right place.


Add the 1/4′ seam allowance around each shape that has been colored in. If you find the seam allowances are overlapping, don’t worry. The drafting will be used for measuring and will not be cut up.

The drafting is your road map of the design. Write all the information on it that you will need to make the block. In another post I’ll talk about measuring for cut sizes, establishing grain lines, and making cutting notes.

Next, as a change of pace in my Winter Star class, we do Bias-Strip Piecing to make the two-triangle squares that I call “feather squares.” After making the feathers, we’ll come back to the drafting to cut the rest of the pieces.


1 thought on “Drafting the Winter Star, continued

  1. I love your class on drafting the winter star. You made it seem so easy to draft it. I need to find some 1 inch square paper which will make it so easy to make the triangles. Thank you so much post this tutorial on your blo[g. I really enjoyed it so much. Feathered stars are my favorite block to make. Everyone says they are hard but I find them easy.

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