About Marsha McCloskey

I’m a fairly well-known author and teacher in the quilting world, and have written or co-authored thirty books on quiltmaking since 1981. Specializing in the Feathered Star and other traditional pieced designs, I have taught drafting, rotary cutting and machine piecing to quilters all over the United States and in ten foreign countries. My specialty rulers promote accurate cutting and piecing for intricate designs. For over 30 years, I traveled about once a month to teach and lecture.  I have my own small publishing company, Feathered Star Productions, Inc., a website, and have designed fabric for quilters since 1996 when my first Staples line was introduced by Clothworks Textiles.


2 thoughts on “About Marsha McCloskey

  1. I am scheduled for your English Ivy class this month in Utah. Judging from the photos on your blog, a featherweight machine should be okay to work on, right? (If not, let me know.)
    I don’t know how else to contact you, but I wanted to make sure to get on the list for the Feathered Star Ruler and Precision Trimmer 3*.
    Also, the class description mentioned making a mini “while you’re at it”. Is it possible to just do the mini in the class and not make the bigger blocks? Just wondering if measurements would be available, or if that is something to work out later. I love making minis.
    Looking forward to the class!
    Thanks, Janet O.

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